Physical limits

The next day my legs burned and I felt a little bit sick. I tried to take this not to serious and started biking early in the morning. 


After some hours I recognized that I was moving so much faster than the last days. I had already done 18 kilometer after an hour and until the rain started in the afternoon I could do another 60. 
The rain really annoyed me but I cycled until 8 O’clock. In the last two hours I had the problem that I was running out of water. I tried to find a supermarket for a long time but couldn’t find anything. At least I came to a small village called Allow. I could buy some water and continued my trip into the direction of Herning. In a forest close to Herning I found myself a place to spent the night.
I had almost done a  distance of 110 km. My legs felt horrible, everything was wet and I had a bad night :D horrible :D


Me – the day after this hardcore bikeday
Really bad-hair-day :D

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