Denmark 1&2

At the first two days in Denmark I was very focused on doing big distances with my new bike. 

A cool thing was that the bike had so many possibilitys to put my stuff in. Additional to that could I find a good way to attach my backpack to the bike, so the weight was no longer on my shoulders – this made traveling a lot more comfortable. 


The evening before I got some good advices by ‚Thorben‘, a very nice guy from Denmark. He told me that I could find some good bike tracks close to the western part of the coastline. In that reason I left the eastcoast on Sunday morning and headed for the westcoast. 
After 4 hours of cycling I finally reached one of the largest beaches I had ever seen. Nearly the whole west side of Denmark seems to be covered by one stretched beach. New to me was that cars were allowed to drive on and that the sand was so compact that even bikes could drive on. 


Hungry I got to a local supermarket and bought me bread and some crabs. After that I had a nice pick nick at the beach :) 


Later in the day I had the first problems with my bike. A small screw at my left pedal always got off and by this the whole pedal fall off. Unfortunately I didn’t had the right tool to fix this, so I had to stop every kilometer and needed to adjust this by hands. This was really annoying me and also slowed me down. Later I had the idea to add some mayonnaise to the screw, just because I didn’t had any oil, you may believe it or not but after this it worked perfectly 😄
Late in the day I found a nice place in a nearby forest to stay for the night. 

The next day was horrible. The weather was a mixture between very strong wind and a lot of rain. I followed a cycle track close to the sea and the wind made it nearly impossibil to cycle with all this weight I was carrying. 
At least I had maybe the hardest day of my tour, but even though did a 90 km distance.


One of my daily highlights was when I had to recogniz that my whole fishing line was spinned around the center of my backtire. That took me an hour to fix this, out in the drenching rain. 

Totally done I reached Thisted in the evening. I think today I will leave the coast, hoping for a little bit less wind in the inner land. 

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