Adios Munkedal

At the next day I woke up very early. I tried to sleep a little bit longer, but the sun was already heating up my tent in a way which made it impossibil to stay inside for any longer. 

So I got my stuff together and left the campsite. Heading for the fairys in Göteborg.
I did like 5 km on a road at the outer parts of göteborg, then it happened. There was a big bang and my backtire showed a crack on its outside.
For any reason there was exactly at this position the only little parking/secure area at this whole 10km road. Right there stood a guy, maybe around 55, smoking next to his car. 


Of course he had noticed what has happend and after a little talk I found out that he was from polen, but couldn’t speek any German or English.
I just stood there with him because I had nothing better to do and already began to think about how far the next bike shop would probably be. 
After some minutes the polish guy started to try to explain that I should get into his car and I wouldn’t have any problems any more. For sure I didn’t want to get into his car. Just because I was absolutely not sure which kind of person he was and his one-eyed friend who joint our little conversation didn’t made my trust grow.
Both were just speeking in pretty fast polnish and everything I understood was just ‚5minuten-nix problem‘. After some minutes, when I actually already wanted to leave this situation the first guy just grabed my bike and put it into his car. He adviced me to follow him and not sure what would expect me I truly got into his car. Insanely fast he drove to a little range, close to the street where we met. 
I was really not sure if this guy was going to kill me or if he wanted to help me. Hoping for the best I followed him and was quite suprised when he showed me a bike what I should take in replacement for Munkedal. 
Lucky that I was still alive I had a look on the bike. It looked actually pretty good, had two pedals and some preferences which would be perfect for a bigger tour. 
Otherwise I really didn’t want to leave Munkedal at this place. For some time I tried to explain my situation, but of course the guy didn’t understood and instead tried to get me in his car again to show me his living place. 
I was still feeling nervous about this guy and after some minutes the situation became so bad that I decided to make a rational decision and take the new, actually way better bike and leave this place as fast as possible. 
He insisted on bringing me the way back to the position where we met, so I got in his car for a second time. I got pretty nervous when he drove in the wrong direction, in fact he only wanted to show me his horses on a field right behind his house. 
When we have been there he told me that he has worked a a sniper for the polnish army and loves to hunt from his house.
That all sounded very strange to me and I was totally happy to get away from this guy. 
From the current view I am happy about the new bike, even if I am really really sad that I had to leave the old one. Munkedal was just to cool!
Later that day i visited göteborg and took the fairy to frederikshavn in north Denmark ;)

Ein Gedanke zu “Adios Munkedal

  1. Hendrik, Du bist total bekloppt. Wie kannst Du mit wildfremden Menschen dermaßen vertrauensselig sein?. Aber trotzdem- geile Story.
    Gruß und bis bald, Marek

    Gefällt mir

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