May I introduce you to Munkedaaal?

Even if the the last day in Fjällbacka was like I planed it to be – a relaxed and simple day of vacation – I really started to get the feeling that I needed to get back to the road.
I got up around 8.30, ate some bread with mayonnaise (don’t ask me why..for some reason I bought one and now I’m eating almost everything with mayonnaise) and then started skating at around 10. 
I think at the beginning I was moving quite fast. I followed the flower route next to the coast and did the first 15km of the day. After this there was a lot of uphill walking, and of course downhill skating as well 😃 did my first stand up slide at this part of the tour – combined with the 20 kg backpack that was really scaring me. 
At least I felt almost finished after 30 km. my feets were burning and the joint of my left feet didn’t felt good. 
When I already thought about putting the tent close to the road I saw something in the bushes behind a small bus station.
I got closer and at least recovered a old bike!
Already some days earlier I had spoken to a friend of mine in Germany and just mentioned that it might be better to have a bike for those busy roads in Sweden. I actually would have never spent money on this, but this seemed to be an perfect opportunity. 


To be honest there were many broken parts, one pedal was missing and I had to adjust a lot of things. But at least, also with the help of Gert-jan a Dutch guy doing a biketrip from hamburg to Oslo, I finally got this working!

Motivated by this, I continued my tour. At first really carefully, later (when my trust in the bike grow) even faster. In the next ‚bigger‘ town I made the decision to name the bike as the town I found it close by.   -MUNKEDAL- was born – my new best friend :D

At this evening I made another 30 km and did all the Way to udevalla. I arrived at 9 o’clock. Totally done I bought 6 cheeseburgers at burgerking and found myself a place to stay for the night. After this I just had a short phone call and then instantly fall asleep. 



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