100 Km

At the 8 Day of my journey I started in Herrestad close to Udevalla. 

First thing to be done was to buy an air pump for Munkedal. I thought this could be an good investigation. I was also thinking about buying a new pedal, just because one is missing as I already mentioned – finally couldn’t make this decision. One was working fine and I was hungry and better wanted to spent the money on snickers and fruit-yogi — I really love this stuff. Almost drinking one a day :D the one below is actually not the true fruit-yogi….

My plans for the day were to make something like a 50 km trip to Stenungsund, which would have been half way to Göteborg. 
When I finally reached Stenungsund I decided to go a little bit further. To make a long story short: I made all the way to göteborg and right now I’m totally done :D Beside some really hard uphill parts, was the weather pretty bad and I’m just so lucky to stay in a warm room at the campsite right now. The whole trip with my one-pedal bike was 100 km :D I would definitively never do this again, even if I am lucky to be already this far.

Goooood night…tomorrow I’ll try to reach Denmark by using the fairy ;)


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