Vacationday in Fjällbacka

After my first night in Fjällbacka I decided to stay for one more. At the one hand side was this effected by the pure beauty of this place and at the other hand side I just wanted to have a normal day of vacation.

During the day I visited the nice city of Fjällbacka and went on a little hike to a local mountain. When I finally came to the peak, I sat down and fall immediately asleep. Don’t know where that came from.. but when I woke up I had a amazing view over the city and the Ocean!
Later in the day I wanted to read a book, but sadly had to recognize that the display of the e reader was broken. I was really annoyed about this because this meant the only luxury to me. 
I tried to take it With humor..but even the mighty leatherman tool could not fix the broken screen…


After all I went to the sea and catched another makrel for dinner.…… usual



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