Next stop Fjällbacka

I left Rossö around 1 o’clock, after a great breakfast I had with my new Swedish friends!

Leaving the island I saw a guy using some kind of large inlineskates mixed with ski. He moved by using sticks – this brought me to an idea :D
 I stoped close to a nearby Forest, Cut down some small trees and was exited to try my new engine :D

   I was suprised that this worked quite well for some miles – then I didn’t payed enough attention to the stick placement, hit a wheel and fell down badly. I instantly throw them away. Angry because I had nearly crushed my fishing gear, attached to the side of my backpack. 

After this short experiment I did a 25 kilometers tour until my map brought me to a highway where so many cars were moving on that I could not take the risk to skate it. 
Half an hour later I was quite frustrated because nobody wanted to take a hitchhiker with a longboard. I fixed my sign at the backside of my backpack and after all started walking on this shitty street. 
As a proof of the lection I learned a day before, two minutes later a red Audi stoped and a young couple said they could take me to fjällbacka! 
I jumped in and get to know Ece and Jannik. To very nice persons! Jannik is a Norwegian guy from Oslo and Ece is from turkey. They were just engaged and wanted to marry in one week in fjällbacka. They even brought me to the campsite and gave me their phone number. Jannik said he has got some windsurfing equipment at his house and that I could borough it if I want to. If the wind will be good today I really think about taking this Chance!
Later in the evening I catched my first makrel, or makro as Mitchell from Australia would say. 


After this I just wrote my last blog entry and fall asleep pretty tired. 


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