Low expectations

At the next day my feets felt so badly, that I had some serious problems to walk to the next supermarket to get me some water.

I was sure that I would need to stay at a local campsite to relax and refresh for a while. 
After 2 kilometers I arrived at a huge campsite next to the habour of strömstad. It was actually a quite nice place, but when I was standing at the reception I just got the feeling that I could do a little bit more. Google informed me that there would be another campsite in around 3 more km’s and I was sure that I could do it so far. So I started.. really slowly..after 3 km’s my feets weren’t felling better, but also not even worst. I struggled with myself, but made the decision to go for another one in 10 more kilometers. 
When I finally was quite close to the campsite I almost could not walk or skate anymore. Then, suddenly a car stopped right in front of me. A woman was sitting inside and asked me where I was heading and if she should take me for some miles. Thankfully I got into the car and get to know Lena. 
(Lena,  Maths, Henrik) 

After some minutes she directly looked at me and asked me if I would take drugs 😄 confused about that I honestly answered that I do not. „Then“, she said, would I be allowed to stay at her house with her family! Suprised and exited I accepted and after some more kilometers we arrived at a beautiful, very small village on a small island called Rossö.
Right there I get to know to all the rest of her family. There was her husband Åke with his daughter Malin and her husband Maths. They had two lovely young child’s called Frej and Mirja and were staying in Rossö for their vacation. Actually they are coming from Stockholm.


There also was Anja, the daughter of Lena. Like the others she was also totally nice. 
I actually couldn’t believe all of this was truly happening but Lena showed me a small cabin in the garden, where I could stay for the night. This place was absolutely beautiful and I felt home in seconds. 


After this I took some minutes to refresh and then joint the others on their plans for going to the beach. Later in the day we had a absolutely delicious dinner and Maths told me some first Swedish words. We also spoke a lot about music just because Åke was playing in a swedish folk Band and Maths and Malin were both working at the radio. Even if Malin just quit with this, they all were really informed about music and I tryed to show them stuff like chuck ragan, and learned to know about Karola, Alison crowls or pj Harvey. 
All in all words could not describe how much I appreciated the time in their family and how unique this was to me. I thank you guys so much for those days and if I will ever have the possibility I will be glad to welcome you in Germany ;)!

What really stayed in my mind was something Åke said at dinner. I had just explained how unexpected this all came to me, specially in this moment when I felt so bad. He said that this might be the point. 
In this moment when all my expectations were so low, even on a day were my feets hurt so bad and I didn’t expected to do more then a 3 km hike, things could only get better. And to him this might be a part of the key to a happy life. To have low expectations. Because when you act like this, things could only get better and never worst.

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