The long way Home

At my second day of skating I wanted to try how far I could go and where my limits would be. 

The day started really relaxed with some cups of coffee, made by a norwegian Guy I just met the night before. He and his boys were staying right next to my tent and he was interested in almost everything I could tell him about Germany, just because he was actually native to cologne in Germany. 

So after the coffee and a pretty bad breakfast, consisting out of knäckebrøt and cocktailsauce I covered my new tattoo with a small trekking Tovel and started skating. 


I left Hoysand at around 12 o’clock. 2 hours later I realized how close I the Swedish border already was and that I would cross it right at this day! Motivated by this I took all the uphill roads pretty fast – downhill even faster – and after one more hour I was truly standing in Sweden :)!  (Board: half Swedish half Norge :D) 

After crossing the border I wanted to make my way to hogdal, a place I just saw on Google maps. Maybe 10 km far from the border. When I arrived I saw that it was a really bad place to put a tent – So I decided to continue. After 3 more km I arrived at a small campsite. They claimed 25 euro for a tent. I felt kind of offended and don’t wanted to pay so much, specially after being to Norway, where everything was so exspensive –  So I continued..
Than I met two boys around 17 years, who had been doing a cycling-trip from fredrikstadt to strömstad. They said strömstad should be a nice place to stay and that it would be atleast 10 more km. I decided to follow them for some miles and 1 hour later I arrived in strömstad. After a 50 kilometer trip my feets felt like bleeding and I could barley walk, otherwise I was pretty happy to be in Sweden. Unplanned and uninformed as i am in these days, that was quite unexpected to me 😃
Gladly I put my tent in the middle of the town, close to a small lake. In the evening I tried to fish, unfortunatly i didn’t get anything, so I just had some Asian pasta mixed with cabonara. What actually was surprisingly good..



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