Oslo – Fredriksstadt – Hoysand

After those two exiting days in Oslo I was really looking forward to get out of town and do the first kilometers of skating!

So I left the hostel at around 11 o’clock and bought a ticket for a bus to fredrikstadt. At first I was not sure if I should use a bus so early, otherwise was it the best way to avoid all those cityareas around Oslo and get straight into the wild as soon as possible. 

(At the top you could see Oslo, The red dot marks fredrikstadt, the blue dot is my current position and göteborg in the south is my first bigger aim) 

Sitting in the bus I was really trying to understand the busdrivers norwegian slang. Of course I failed on this and got out of the bus way to early. In that reason I started my journey 6 km from fredrikstadt, on a street which actually was almost like a motorway.


On that first day I really wanted to start slowly and try to get some skating experience with the heavy weight of my backpack (20kg incl food and water). 
At first I had some serious problems to find a possible way. At the one hand side I didn’t knew where exactly I wanted to go, at the other hand side I had to find a street which would be possible to ride with my longboard.
After a short stop in fredrikstadt I just tryed a b-road next to the motorway. That was mostly ok, just the crossing of a bridge became quite hard, because this was forbidden for walkers and bicycles. I didn’t mind on that, talked to some construction workers and could continue my way.  After all this, and at least 25 km of skating I reached Hoysand where I decided to stay for the night. 
(Hoysand is positioned under the dot at the right, those 27 min unfortunatly refer to cars) 

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