When I got up in the morning of the second day I hardly had to recognize that I nearly missed my tattoo appointment, what actually was the only planned thing on my journey. 

So I just jumped out of my bed, grabed my sketchbook and skated as fast as possible in the direction google maps was telling me. After 4 kilometers of almost nothing else than going up, up and up I came, totally done, sweaty and with no breakfast, to the street google earth told me. The problem was that there was absolutely no tattoo artist around 😅 confused and after 20 minutes of randomly asking people, one young guy could lead me the right way to the studio. It was located in the second floor of a Dirty Old House. Just in opposit to this the actual Tattoo Studio was looking pretty cool and clean on the inside. 


Janis, the tattoo artist, made a final sketch of the tattoo and spontaneously asked me to add some trees on top of the tattoo. I liked this idea and also to put some rarely colored mountains in the background. 
After 2 hours of tattooing he was finished and I was really lucky that this torture was over, but also really happy with the new tattoo ;)!
A pretty cool thing was that I just had to Pay 1300 crowns, what is like 150 euro. Actually that would have been much more expensive in Norway, but what I didn’t know about Janis was that he was just the apprehence in his first year 😄 cool to me because he did pretty well and I could save some money on this!

Later in this day I met two German guys from Hamburg. Together with Mitchell from Australia we had a good time on the roof of the hostel. When we went to the habour in the evening to have some beers right next to the sea, two guys from Belgium joint us. Later we have been to some pubs, and get to know some nice Norwegian people, who were Playing a super funny Game and asked us to join in. 


This evening ended with a nice sunrise in the middle of Oslo.


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