First day in Oslo

After getting up at 3.30 in the Morning, i was really glad that my sister picked me up and brought me to the airport. By train this would have needed hours.

So after this I took my first plane to Copenhagen at 6.10 and changed there for the final one which brought me to Oslo, where I arrived around 10 o’clock. 
Right at the airport I met Amy, a pretty nice Norwegian girl, living in a small town maybe about 70 kilometers away from Oslo. Together we made our way to Oslo and I got some good tips from her, what I should see in the next days. 
When Amy needed to proceed her journey I looked for a citymap and found one nearby the central station. Without using a navigation system I just tried to make my way through the city to find the anker-hostel, where I had booked a 8bed dorm for two days. 
At the hostel i met Mitchell from Australia. He was a really nice guy, who is doing a huge trip through Europe. Together we left the hostel to see some parts of the city. The opera in the habour might have been one of the coolest houses I’ve ever seen. 



Later in the day we decided to go our for fishing. This was actually quit fun but we didn’t catch anything. That was not to bad because there were some other fisher men having a barbecue at the docks and the gave us some of there grilled makreels. 
After That i just fall to bed, totally done by that one hour of sleeping in the night before, even to tired to write the blog or anything else.

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